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Eight things you should know about me:

  1. 1)When I’m asked if I am a serious journalist, or pop culture/ social media expert, I say: They’re becoming one in the same; aren’t most politicians getting to be more like Lindsay Lohan, and/ or implicating themselves on SnapChat, everyday?

  1. 2)I’m a sucker for old school punk rock, but known to “g” out to rap...must be my Santa Cruz roots mixed with my Detroit swagger.

  1. 3)Money out of politics and the calorie count off of menus; we know it’s a lot.

4) I swim faster than I run.

5) I’m ready, & awaiting the Zombie apocalypse... as long as I don’t have to wear those drab grey clothes like in Walking Dead.

  1. 6)I believe an animal in the forest has the right to kill a hunter in self defense, as long as he was standing his ground.

  1. 7)As comedian Gary Gulman so cleverly jokes, “I think Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was a bitch. She told the Scarecrow that she was going to ‘Miss him the most of all’, right in front of the Tin Man; he had a new heart for 5 minutes and she broke it. You take someone to the side and tell them that.”

  1. 8)I am a Leo. Hear me roar.

Co-Host of  “Dr. Drew On Call” on HLN

Host/Producer of ‘Pop Trigger’ on Hulu

              Creator/Writer/Host/Producer of ‘Debate Your Fate’ on GSN